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Seniors, Weight Loss

Written by Natural Diet Plan


Healthy Weight for Well-being, Longer Life

If we only knew what we know now - way back when, we'd certainly have changed things for the better.

All that junk food, fast food, fried and battered stuff - it sure can take its toll on the ageing body.

On the other hand, so can excessive exercise. Type enough on the keyboard, and you'll get corpal tunnel. Lift too many weights and you may need hip and knee replacements. Run too much and your feet may feel sore and sensitive - and the knees may also experience more aches and pains.

Fact is, none of us are going to get out of this world alive. But while we're here, we can certainly make the best of things by embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Part of the nutrition picture involves body weight. What we weight influences multiple things such as how we feel both physically and emotionally, how we look, how our body performs internally. Weight can even impact our thought process. If we're packing too many excess pounds, we may have a foggy train of thought. And body weight also influences our state of health, as well as our longevity.

Ideal Body Weight for Seniors

Natural Diet Plan created a data chart to use as a pattern for setting health goals. That's located here for your quick reference: Weight Chart for Men & Women Over 50.


Take note however, that if you are ten pounds or so above 'ideal', 'normal' or 'recommended' numbers it may benefit amid times of illness. In fact, if you'll take note of your friends who went to school with you - you'll rarely find one that is as thin as they were in their early youth. Packing on padding is simply nature's way. And it's very difficult to combat.

One of my favorite doctors once told me that once an individual reaches mid-life, it is highly unlikely that they will spring back to the size they were in young adulthood.

He even agreed that having a few more pounds on the body frame wasn't a bad thing - a much more desirable situation than having too few pounds. And most importantly, he felt that one's state of health was most important.

Seniors, Activity Level Decline, Endurance

State of health involves being as active as possible throughout one's day - in body, spirit and mind. And of course, we must put activity into balance with relaxation, rest and sleep.

Fact is, as we age, it becomes more challenging to keep up the pace. Our endurance level naturally declines along with body cell health as the internal organs age. Rather than walking, running or doing aerobics we have different interests which do not require as much physical ability. We like to spend our time with our kids and grandkids - with friends and family members.

The good news is that even a limited amount of medium level intensity of activity per day can increase our lifetime. In addition, the body is apt to be healthier and feel at its best. Tips for Senior Health & Fitness

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