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Symptoms of Slow Metabolism

Written by Natural Diet Plan


Slow Metabolic Rate [MR], Thyroid Imbalances

A sluggish rate of digestion is often a symptom of a thyroid imbalance, so let's address those symptoms before we move towards the Metabolic Rate.

If your hands and feet are always cold, these are probably the first signs that you may notice for an imbalance. When you bathe, the bottoms of your feet may appear blackish or have white pad-like patches until the feet are warmed. Tips of the ears and nose may also feel cold, even amid warm temperatures.

Other symptoms include: hair loss and dryness of skin. Weight gain may occur even when one is watching their diet. Tiredness and fatigue are also present.

Adding certain foods to your eating plan may help the condition. These include fish and seafood rich in Omega 3 oils such as salmon, tuna, trout and cod. If you are using non-iodized salt, switching to iodized may assist - but don't exceed one teaspoon per day in your food because excess sodium comes with its own negative side effects. Blueberries are another food which supports thyroid health.

Slow Metabolism Symptoms

1. A slow rate of digestion. Even though you ate cornbread and beans for lunch, you're still feeling the effects at bedtime.

2. Excess internal gas that makes itself known through burping, belching, tummy noise rolling, and abdominal pain.


3. Feeling exhausted, tired and irritable throughout the day.

4. Your body holds more flab than muscle.

5. Stress tends to be a central factor in your everyday life.

6. Sleeping issues, including insomnia and sleep walking.

Tips That May Relieve Symptoms

A. Start your day with a healthy breakfast which in turn kick-starts your metabolic rate.

B. Do not skip meals and base them on the five food groups. Enjoy raw fresh fruit for desserts and snacks.

C. Exercise may be a pain - but it's key to getting your metabolism back on a healthy track. For starters, you'll build more muscle mass while losing fat. Secondly, there will be an increase in bone density. Thirdly, you'll be more likely to have normal blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose readings than not.

D. This world will revolve just fine after you and I are dead and gone. All the stress that we have inside of us - it takes its toll. It's time to release it and embrace happiness. Try to find positive things that you like and enjoy about your life. You'll feel better because your body will feel better, once the burden has been lifted.

E. Don't neglect rest. It's just as vital to the human body as exercise.

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